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RECONCILED THROUGH THE CHRIST (Now Available on DVD through finer retailers & for rental through Netflix and Blockbuster)

"What can I say to a film that just made me cry with emotion! BRAVO! Great job! Congratulations from the bottom of my heart! This movie gave me goosebumps! The ending just literally brought me to tears as the whole thing came together. The twists were amazing, but more powerful than all, the MESSAGE/STORY was outright something never done before on an indie level. At least I've never seen anything like this. Both of the main actors deserve awards!!!! They both did beyond wonderful performances. They were asked to do some pretty heavy duty acting, and they pulled it off with amazing grace! Bravo to the pacing and direction and to the special effects as well and basically EVERYONE involved in bringing this movie to life! THANK YOU for the wonderful experience!"

-Viewer From Las Vegas

"'Wow' really says thing best! I must confess, both my wife Jacki and I were totally glued to this one. It is a long step away from your typical Tim Ritter production. We literally just finished watching and I wanted to get a quick note off to you. Man, I LOVE this. I can't put into words yet just now how great this thing was. I really REALLY enjoyed this. Thank you for sharing it with us. Jacki repeatedly said she was mesmerized during our viewing, and she thought it was your best yet.It is a daring move for you as you have a name as a slash director, but I think it is FANTASTIC!"

-Franklin E. Wales, author

RECONCILED definitely held my attention and showed some really interesting ideas/themes. :-) I enjoyed it!

-Viewer From Wisconsin

"RECONCILED was great. Very different from your usual horror flick but, yet hard in its own way. Overall, it was a refreshing change from everything else that is out there. Plus all of the info on God and religion was great. It was very interesting stuff. I don't think a lot of people know half the info you expressed in the movie!"

-Viewer From Pennsylvania

"I wanted to write you about RECONCILED. Our family just finished watching the entire movie from start to finish and the movie totally immersed us. Music, acting and editing "disappeared" for long stretches, leaving only a compelling narrative. RECONCILED was an effective story effectively told. Photography, editing, acting and music blended well. In other words, Congratulations!"

-Viewer From Kentucky

"I was really impressed by what I saw with RECONCILED. Obviously you have found new inspiration! What was so amazing was the use of angles and framing--your images have new life. What was so amazing was that though your film is a Christian allegory of some kind you seem more than ever on home turf--the B-movie ambience and kick was stronger than ever. You may succeed in finding the synthesis of what you did before in your old movies and your new faith!"

-Viewer From Maryland

"Well, I'm sorry to break it down to everyone like this, but... I loved this RECONCILED movie!!!! I think of all the movies I've seen this year, I'd probably only put SAVING CHRISTMAS ahead. I think it has great entertainment value for both people who might be looking for "the message" as well as those people who aren't, there's still a great deal of entertainment there for those people. The opening few scenes I wasn't really sure what to think, but immediately when Larry Joe (Treadway) appeared, it grabbed my attention big time. There's nobody past or future that could have been cast in that role other than him.... it's just like Dr. Lecter. Who else but Anthony Hopkins can play him well... nobody!!! As far as great movie one-liners go, the line in this movie, for me, that ranks right up there with "Look what your brother did to the door!" from the original TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE is, 'Well, if you were supposed to be some kind of prophet, you sure didn't see that one comin'!" Gosh, I LOVED that!!!! I laughed so hard for over a minute solid! GREAT JOB!!! Thanks again for a GREAT movie!!

-Viewer From Ohio

"RECONCILED THROUGH THE CHRIST is great! I found it often moving and thought-provoking. Every time I see an image of Christ being crucified, it is a powerful moment for me. I'm so happy that Tim Ritter has been able to funnel his rejuvenated faith into such a personal work!"

-Viewer From Florida

"The message is raw rebellion meets redemptionů. Kewl!"

-Viewer from Atlanta, GA

"I just had a chance to see Reconciled via Netflix last night. I was moved by it and as the film progressed it really grew on me, so much that I found myself praying for someone I had a resentment against! I must fully disclose I am a Catholic and a believer, though on the film itself, I thought the script was well written and the ideas of the film were well conceived and well executed for the most part. I thought the two leads were very good, Ron Blair and Prof. Treadway did a great job of carrying the picture. Their kind of backwoods folksy banter was really a great way to get the audience into the narrative, even for a city boy like me! The sound was excellent as well, and for the most part the camera work and composition was well done. Also really dug the creative sort of twist that ties the two characters together. Most of all, really enjoyed the film and felt the message. Like I said before the film really grows on you and the pacing is almost perfect!"

-Netflix.com Renter

"I just watched RECONCILED today and I must say it is an excellent example of moviemaking at this level. Definitely a very unique and interesting subject matter, done very well. I can tell this movie is very close to director Tim Ritter's heart, and it really shows. He has a distinct vision and something to say, which is something lacking from almost all z-grade movies. The acting, particularly from Ron Blair and Prof. Tread, was excellent. Tread's character was a great way to tell the story..added a real horror type drive and mystery...and a nice twist on the 'pursued by a monster genre' ... Yes, I do like Tim Ritter's older movies better. I would say the original TRUTH OR DARE is STILL my favorite. That movie is just nuts! I like most everything else he has made that I have seen since that time, wow, over twenty years now! I always admired him for making entertaining exploitation that had a message or two if you cared. RECONCILED is pretty much the same, but with a lot less exploitation."

-Netflix.com Renter

"RECONCILED is EXCELLENT, a big move forward. Four Stars!!!! Keep up the good work!"

-Netflix.com Renter

"I just watched RECONCILED today and I have to tell you, it's easily your best work to date! On the plus side, the script, editing and acting was pretty good...I wasn't as keen on the cinematography, though. (Too many handheld shots for my liking.) But I totally applaud what you've done and there are really some great moments in the movie for sure!"

-Viewer From Hollywood, CA

"One could just say, "Bah, it's an evangelical Christian movie," and write off Tim Ritter's "Reconciled to the Christ" from the word go. But, I've liked less well-executed, less well-acted, less whatever, movies than this and enjoyed them, and this does have its merits. This is a pseudosupernatural suspense drama, not a horror film.

There's no doubt you're in low budget territory with this one, and it is a little preachy, but that can be forgiven if you take into account the specific subgenre and artistic intent of the movie. Not bad at all."


"I recently rented the film "Ronciled Through The Christ." I really enjoyed this film, as a Christian I find the dialogue to be dead on. I will be studying the dialogue between the two leads for the next time I need the right responses to people's questions about Christianity! It is so seldom that you see a film like this!"

-Netflix.com Renter

"I've been waiting for a long time for a movie that might capture the strange viewpoint of what it's like to be first and foremost a practicing Christian, and secondarily a huge and longtime horror/B/underground film fan (that is, I've been waiting for a movie with my own point of view). Tim Ritter's 'Reconciled Through the Christ' provides an entertaining exercise in the exploration of such issues. As I am someone who has been freed from multiple gutter-level addictions by Christ and who has studied the historical evidence for Him extensively, there is no one who can convince me that He is not the eternal Savior for human souls. Ritter, however, is not only preaching to fellow believers like me here, but bravely reaching for a wider and much less-believing audience with this film that is that rarest of things: an evangelical B-movie. Campy flicks like 'Blood Freak' might provide dubious examples of this non-genre from the past, but Ritter's work here is far above that sort of cheese, without losing the weird B-movie atmosphere that we all crave. This is a Tim Ritter Christian horror film, so it shouldn't be surprising that it comes off like one of his old exploitation flicks remade through the lens of his more recent Christian conversion. You will thus find here the usual sort of independent-underground actors with an unusual level of commitment and rough talent, shot on video with the usual slow, nicely edgy Ritteresque attention to detail, and working an interesting story about a drunk, thieving, dissipated fat guy losing his mind and going on a road trip to kill his wife, while being stalked himself by a freaky, Bible-thumping preacher. There are even a few quick sprinklings of the old Ritter gore and sleaze included, but this time it's only for the noble purpose of establishing the very real horror of an unsaved world, a horror which the film portrays throughout through the eyes of one disturbed man, and it does so while for the most part staying clear of overlecturing its audience. Oh, and there's also a lot of lovably obvious but fun and well-done digital/computer video effects sequences that take the form of various hallucinations and dreams, so how much more B-movie-like can you get? My one complaint here is that I wish the second unit-shot Crucifixion of Christ sequence, done by a director named Richard Anasky, which intriguingly uses various characters who are dressed for the modern day, had been given more time in the overall movie and hadn't been edited in so choppily by Ritter. His own commentary track, however, is a must-listen, as he goes through the process of making a very low-budget movie in a down-to-earth and unpretentious way that should make his religious message that much more interesting to non-believers. He also tells convincingly of the rigors of making a microbudget movie while also working a separate night-shift job. Anyone who works the midnight tour as well (and I'm one of them) can only comiserate with the hazy, exhausted wringer that Ritter must have gone through to make the labor of love that is Reconciled."

-Jack Seney, b-movie.com review

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